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We left off last week at the end of my exploration into yWriters' scene functions. Cool you say. If you haven't seen the previous section, now would be a good time to click this link and do so. Seven hundred and sixty five words on one part of yWriters' functions, and I didn't even go into Character creation or Locations or anything. Granted it was a pretty big function, the scene writer is one of the main-stays of the whole program. Well I am going to fix that now, and we are going to explore the myriad little quirks and fun stuff hidden within the code of this unique program. Yeah, the way this program is set up, it's like Word and Excel had a bastard child, delivered by a program coder. The function I will be explaining is perhaps one of the most important in your whole story. Characters. So, whoever be reading this, sit back, relax, and grab a bowl of pop corn. Enjoy the ride. 

We'll start with the most obvious, Characters. In the 11 tabs along the top of the yWriter screen you will notice Characters. Click it, and a drop down box appears. In this is a series of seven options. 

Bullet; Black  Add new. Pretty straightforward that. Hard to confuse. Add a new character to your database. Clicking this option brings up a box. I will follow up on that in a moment.

Bullet; Black  View/Edit. Click this to bring up a new screen, with a list of all characters. Double click on a character that you wish to change/edit, and it will open the character editor box. More on that in a paragraph or two.

Bullet; Black Add to current scene. Click this to add a character (or several) to the last scene you were editing.

Bullet; Black Automatically add characters to scenes. This nifty lil' doodad will when you click it, find all mentions of your characters, and insert them into the scene for you. That means that instead of dragging and dropping in the scene editing screen, if you forget one or change it later, you simply go in, click this button and it updates it automatically.

Bullet; Black Show scenes per character. How many times do they show up? Useful sometimes if you have multiple 'main' characters (like me) and want to sort of have them appear an even amount of times.

Bullet; Black Show words per character. This is a lil more pedantic. Why do we need this I hear you ask? Welp, I'ma give it my best shot at explanation. So we know whose voice stands out in our story. If you are like me, and have added Narrator to your list of characters (because face it, not every scene is from the POV of the character most affected by it) it will show you how often you have used his/her 'voice' to tell certain parts of the story. It also has a percentage thingo, and that'll tell you what percent of the story thus far is from the characters POV. For example, I will show you where mine stands right now.

Total Wordcount; 13,759

Drust (Main character)                                              Wordcount; 2410 (17.52%)           
Skaği (Main character)                                              Wordcount; 3488 (25.35%)     
Grimmr (major player but not a main character)         Wordcount; 2108 (15.32%) 
Maxim (Main character)                                             Wordcount; 495 (3.6%)
Noona (major player but not a main character)           Wordcount; 698 (5.07%)
Hilda (Minor character)                                              Wordcount; 301 (2.19%)    
Sulry (major player but not a main character)             Wordcount; 0 (0%)      
The Watcher (sort of minor)                                       Wordcount; 0 (0%)      
Narrator (used for scenes without a character POV)     Wordcount; 4197 (30.5%)
Selene (minor character)                                           Wordcount;  62 (0.45%)

Bullet; Black Reports. This will drop down further, as it is essentially a print function. So you have three options here; Print character list, which will print all characters in the database. Then there is Print scenes per character, which is all in the name, and finally, Print characters per tag. I will explain this further when I expand the create new character function.


 I try so hard to keep this succinct and look, it's getting beyond me, but bear with me please, Characters is nearly done. I promise.
Break's over, back to guide.

Onward, my intrepid readers. So, expansion. Right. New Character creation. Click that button and a small box will appear, with five tabs. First being Name. Big surprise, type in you characters' name here. There are several choices though. You have Short Name, Full Name, and Alternates. Short name is what they are called when it is not formal, like Kate. Full name is what you'd see if they had a birth certificate, like Kate Harper-Jones, or Orpheus Miles Friedsson or something of the like. Go crazy. Alternates are for sneaky characters who've managed to get themselves either an alias or a nickname of some kind.

There is another text box here, Description. Give it a short one, something that immediately brings the character to mind. This is because the next tab deals with their bio. Also has a button here to denote the status of the character, whether they are major or minor.

Next tab is for the Character's bio. This my friends is a big, blank text box. Open book. This is where you detail their lifestory. How tall, what they weigh, what colour eyes, how MANY eyes if that's necessary. Any pertinent details that might get left out of the story, or are merely alluded to there. Who they love, who they hate. Etc, the list goes on, ad nauseum. Stuff. Anyway, anything you know about this character that will help you to visualise them and immerse yourself in their skin for a while (all the better to write from their POV my dears...) that are not strictly necessary for the readers to know.

Next we have Notes. WAITAMINUTE! We just had this?! Last episode? Like any clever writer, the author of this program knows, YOU CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH NOTE-TAKING SPACE. Never. So, this is notes on the character, little quirks that you may wish to pop up in the course of the book, like him only eating chocolate if it has raspberry filling, or she only has her coffee with demerara sugar and cream. Little things.

Goals is next cab off the ranks, and we have another blank text box. This is for you to decide what you want the character to strive for or achieve in the course of your story. Revenge? (I know it's an old saw but if it cuts the tree right?) Do you want them to learn something? How? Give it some thought, a well rounded character has well defined goals. Maybe they are not achievable in the context of the story you are telling, but even if they remain on quest as it were at the end of the story, it will help you visualise your characters motivations and such. Which just makes for better reading.

And Finally, you again have the option to test your mad art skills on a picture. Of your character. And pin it to said character in the database. Cool ne?

In conclusion, this is probably a bit longer than I wanted, for simplicity's sake, but then I DID set out to explain and expand the myriad options you have in regards to yWriter. Next week (sometime) we will adventure into the main area of yWriter. The bit you see when it first opens. Your Project Board.
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